Terms of sale of goods

1.When returning the goods, the buyer is obliged to transfer the goods in the original undamaged packaging and complete set in the full form of the goods themselves.

2 .In the absence of a similar product for replacement, the buyer must wait 7 (seven) days for the receipt of such goods in the store, if the goods do not arrive during the specified period, then at your request and in agreement with the OKP manager, the waiting period for the goods can be increased to 90 days ... If, after 90 days, the goods are not available, the store undertakes to return the money to the buyer for the goods, while the service is considered to be provided, and the money for related goods (accessories, services) cannot be returned.

3.After the service has been provided, funds for it are not refunded.

4.Our company reserves the right to take the backpack for examination if there is a suspicion of an incorrect start, i.e. Due to incorrect verification, the software fails, which can lead to a breakdown and the manufacturer does not bear any warranty for this type of breakdown. In turn, we have the right to refuse to provide the service. We apologize that the service may not apply to some models backpacks and some other products - you can always check this information with our managers. Please note that this service only gives the right to exchange goods and does not provide advantages for refunds or exchanges for another model, color, memory size (and other characteristics that affect the price of the goods). Dear customers, we want to pay special attention the fact that the manufacturer you have chosen, and not the seller, incorporates the quality of the goods into its products, including the time of repair and obtaining the necessary conclusions.